Cuisine of the Market

Spices and Terroir

At Boisrouge, you will either discover or enjoy again the creative and subtly spicy cuisine of the chef Philippe Delacourcelle, accompanied by local organic wines. The signature dishes of the chef figure prominently: suckling pig on mild spices base, crisp cabbage; Cod roasted on a bed of cassis branches, puree spiced with Espelette pepper, truffade with chocolate, sauce molasses … Nods to the regional cuisine such as small potatoes in oyster meurette feature regularly. The dishes of the restaurant are chosen on a menu à la carte which varies according to the seasons but features various classics regularly

Bourguignon Nature

The wines at Boisrouge

Philippe Delacourcelle has long been passionate about “wines of the author”, the wines of small producers realised with love, and grown with respect for nature, in bio or in biodynamics. For Philippe, this establishment of these methods in the terroir of Burgundy is a great opportunity to highlight the delicious wines of Burgundy: white, red, chardonnays, pinot noirs, not to mention the aligoté, this typical white grape variety certain to have a few surprises in store for you.


Philippe Delacourcelle

Originally from the Loire Valley, Philippe worked for several years at Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu. He soon found his own culinary style, guided by his passion for spices and Asia. Travel, learning, creations and influences: Philippe Delacourcelle’s talent has always been his ability to find the right dosage for introducing spices in his dishes without losing touch with simple French cuisine, tasty and refined. Longtime chef at the Clos Morillons in Paris, then at the Pre Verre in the Latin quarter, he is the author of several books on spices, on his travels and on culinary Japan. Today, in Boisrouge, he combines this experience and savoir faire with local products and wines.